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    Detailed introduction:
    Detailed introduction:

    Technical Parameter Table

    Output Signal two wire system

    Input Signal Thermocouple Thermal resistance

    Measurement range and tolerance Determined by the selected index number

    Transmitter Accuracy Level

    Basic Error The synthesis of sensor tolerance and transmitter error

    Temperature Drift Basic error

    Load Resistance Power supply voltage

    Load Change Effect Allowable load range

    Power Change Effect

    Protection Level

    Boot Response Time

    Stable Time

    Working Environment Temperature

    Communication Protocol HARTprotocol

    Electromagnetic Compatibility In accordance with ICE61000, EN61000 related requirements

    Thermal Response Time Determined by the selected index number

    Atmospheric Temperature Insulation Resistance Value Determined by the selected index number

    Upper Temperature Insulation Resistance Determined by the selected index number

    Length Specification User defined

    Long Term and Short Term Use Temperature Determined by the selected index number

    Diameter and Material User defined

    Connection Form Splash proof, Water proof,Explosion proof type,Intelligent (digital display)

    Installation Method Non fixing device, Fixed screw thread type, Fixed flange type, Movable flange type, Movable flange square shape, Fixed screw thread taper

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