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    Detailed introduction:

    Detailed Introduction:

    Measuring Range:0-1kPa-3MPa

    Output Signal:4-20mA

    Accuracy Class:0.25、0.1

    Power Supply:12-42VDC

    Working Temperature:-20—70°CLCD)-40—70°C(OLED)

    Communication Protocol:HART/MODBUS


    Monocrystalline silicon sensor

    ● High-Precision and High-Reliability

    ● Infrared Remote Control

    ● Scene Keys

    ● HART Handhold Terminal Configuration

    ● Selection of Multi-Kinds of Remote Transmission Device and the Filling Etiquett

    ● Selection of Multi-Kinds of Diaphragms such as Tantalum,Hastelloy Alloy

    ● Selection of PTFE Sprayed or PTFE Filmed

    ● Installation: Straight Mount,Side Mounted or Plug-in Mounted


    The pressure and liquid level of high-temperature, corrosion and viscous medium are measured in Chemical industry, metallurgical industry, petroleum and paper etc.

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